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Based on the claims you make, a patent gives you the right to exclude others from manufacturing, using and selling your invention, and the ability to influence cross-border commerce. It is prudent to seek patent protection for the versions of the commercially valuable invention that you intend to exploit through licensing (and receive a stream of royalty income), or through manufacture and sales, or both, on your own.

We can provide advice as to whether it is worthwhile for you to spend the time, money and energy to obtain a patent and secure the right level of protection to shield your business from competitors.

We understand what you’re trying to do.

From the very first conversation, our patent agents will assess your invention, and work with you to best capture your vision within the bounds of the patent system. Proven credentials are critical, and our broad technical scope maximizes your patent potential. Our people are experts in technology and science, patent strategies and application to your business.

Our team is well versed in Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical), Information Technology, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biotechnology.

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