Protecting what makes you unique.

In business your reputation is everything, and building a solid brand takes a lot of time and money. Further, just because you have incorporated a company or registered a domain name does not mean you have the exclusive right to it.

Registering your trademark is key to assisting you in proving your ownership. It protects your products and services from imitation and misuse, and allows you take action if copied. Company & product names, slogans & taglines, logos & icons are of value, and we will navigate you through the process quickly and efficiently, giving you peace of mind in knowing that your intellectual property is safe with us.

At Goodwin Patent & Trademark Law, we offer expertise in searching, preparing, registering and enforcing Trademarks in Canada. We represent artists and independent business owners from all disciplines, ensuring that, as the originators of creative concepts, products, and services, they receive the exclusive right to them. We can defend and manage your Trademark portfolio around the world.